Promoting education, cultural and livelihood initiatives for Palestinians in Israel/Palestine

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Baladna Works With 130 Young Palestinians Through Workshops, Exchange Visits, #Hiking Tours And Other Activities


“Before this visit I thought that we didn’t have much in common with people from the West Bank”

Baladna’s Tawalsalo project continues to bring together Palestinian youth from Israel & the West Bank to reunite fragmented communities & challenge stereotypes. The distance between these communities may be small, but the inability to meet on a day to day basis drives enormous wedges between them.

The Hebron tour video can be viewed here, and the Battir tour video here


15 volunteers from Baladna’s Youth Leadership project (YLP) have been meeting weekly to prepare & plan the recruitment of 7 youth groups from 4 regions in the new school year.

Some of Baladna’s volunteers have also been on exchange trips to Italy and Spain, to participate in meetings, workshops and summer camps, to teach about the challenges faced by Palestinians in Israel and to learn about leadership and active citizenship.


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