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Salam Abd Alkareem, A Galilee Foundation Star

Talent and hard work pay off for Salam

We are proud and thrilled to inform you that one of our Scholarship students, Salam Abd Alkareem, who is studying medicine in Technion, was rewarded for her academic excellence from both the dean and the president of the institution.

Salam joined the programme in 2017/2018, and is a 3rd year student in the scholarship programme and in Technion. 

The “President Award” is for grades higher than 95, the “Dean Award” in for grades higher than 90.  As everyone hopefully knows, being a Technion student in general and medicine in particular is not easy but is highly demanding. Therefore, Salam’s excellence is very impressive.

In addition to her outstanding educational achievements, Salam is a great student who is highly committed to our educational programme despite the pressures of academic study.

And here is a link from
Technion website regarding the excellence ceremony:

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