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A Warm Welcome to Galilee Scholarship Students, 2021-2

A warm home and a safe haven for all students

The welcoming ceremony for the new scholarship students was held on 25th November at the New Grand Palace in Nazareth by our partners on the ground, the Arab Culture Association.

Mustafa Rinawi, Director of the Arab Culture Association, told the gathering: “Today’s program is the launch of the Scholarship for the year 2021-2022. This year is the fifteenth in a row in which we have organized a ceremony to launch the scholarship, and it includes approximately 250 students annually, so we are talking about more than 1,500 graduates during the fifteen years of working with students.”

Rinawi added: “The scholarship is offered to undergraduate students in their first or second year. In addition to financial support, there is a three-year educational program as well as a program in self-empowerment, through which we ensure the student’s educational success, and also his or her activity towards the community, which in turn will contribute to a positive change for the community. This program provides students with tools and mechanisms to excel educationally, and after graduation to remain loyal to their people and community and enhance societal value. We do not focus on the value of the individual, although it is very important, but we focus on the group because it creates community initiatives for our country and our people.”

The President of the Administrative Board of the Arab Culture Association, Antoine Shalhat, explained: “We are holding this celebration to grant scholarships this year for several reasons. The most important for us to pledge to perpetuate this scholarship, which yields excellent results, and brings benefit to the younger generations of students of science and to our society and our people in general. It is also a horizon for a future we aspire to, and we expect every responsible person in our society to look forward to it.”

Student Mohammed Tarbey, from Sakhnin, said: “I am a third-year student in the scholarship program. The scholarship contributes and helps the Palestinian student to know his identity in our country and also to help the student educationally. The scholarship contributed a lot personally. I get to know other students and new areas in our country both which help the Palestinian Arab student know which way he is going and where he is. In addition, the scholarship helped me in terms of education, and helped me progress.

Maryam Assaf, a student from Zimmer, said: “I am a second-year law student and a second-year scholarship student. Today is special for us as students because it is the day of the opening of the new school year. I have the honor to be here today. The Arab Cultural Association and the Scholarship program are a warm home and a safe haven for all students.In addition to the financial support, there is great moral and psychological support and participation among the students, and it is a beautiful place for our students here at home.In addition, there is a cultural aspect and self-development for the student in this association, and I invite all students to join this home and this safe haven.”

And if you are wondering what souvenir every student took home, it was a desktop calendar and the details of the scholarship program and the annual program

Congratulations and warmest wishes to the class of 2021-2

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