About Us

We’ve been helping Palestinians access higher education and get the skills they need to become leaders of their communities after they graduate. Find out a little bit more about our Trustees and staff below.

Our Vision

We want to break the cycle of poverty and marginalisation. Together, we aim to do this by:
  • Offering scholarships
  • Supporting civil society

  • Capacity development
  • Cultural enrichment activities

Our Mission

We’re committed to supporting education and culture among Palestinian youth through our core scholarship programme and other grassroots initiatives focused on civic responsibility, gender equality and social justice. We do this by fostering better British and International understanding and greater support for Palestinian human rights.
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Who We Are

Meet the Patrons, Trustees and Staff of the Galilee Foundation.


Vanessa Redgrave CBE

Born into an illustrious acting family, Vanessa Redgrave is one of the most distinguished and talented actresses in British history, in fact, “the greatest actress of our time” according to Tennessee Williams. The awards to her name include an Academy Award, two Emmys, two Golden Globes, two Cannes Best Actress awards and a Tony. In November 2011, Redgrave received an honour at the Oscars Academy for 50 years in the industry, during which she made over 70 films, the first time such an honour has been awarded to a British actress.

Always supportive of human rights causes, Redgrave has always been vocal on the point of supporting the Palestinian people, as well as condemning both anti-Semitism and Zionism, most famously while accepting her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the film Julia (1977). Largely an unpopular cause at the time, Redgrave’s career suffered as a result of her courage to speak out against injustice. Yet, she continues to support the Palestinian cause, and thanks to her humanitarian work, has been elected to serve as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.


Marwan Bishara
Co-founder and Chairman

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Sawsan Asfari
Co-founder and Director

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Yousef Bazian

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Abdulrahman Elshayyal

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Leila Garadaghi

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Khalil Jahshan

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Eyad Mahameed

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Dina Bseisu

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David Freeman
Legal Adviser

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Dianne Woodward
Media & Outreach Consultant

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Maha Alfarra
Comms & Fundraising Manager

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Thomas Smith
Projects Officer

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