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All in A Day’s Work For Adalah

The past two weeks have seen a swift & deadly escalation in violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Our partner, Adalah,  has been working day and night to defend Palestinians and their basic HumanRights  in Israel, East Jerusalem & Gaza.

Adalah has been providing legal counsel and representation to detained protestors, as well as advice and assistance to volunteer lawyers representing hundreds of #Palestinian citizens of #Israel, arrested during demonstrations throughout the country.

Over 160 Palestinian lawyers from across the country participated in this workshop held via ZOOM and convened by Adalah on the provision of legal counsel to protestors held at police stations. Many participants starting helping detainees the next day.

Adalah sent eight legal letters urging the Attorney General to take immediate action against ultra-right settlers, who attacked Palestinian citizens and their property, seemingly with police collusion and protection

Adalah challenged the lockdown of Lod (Lydd) under a  “state of civil emergency”, as well as the selective enforcement of a curfew against #Palestinian residents, while Jewish settlers & extremist groups attacked Palestinian residents of the city, their homes and other property.

With partner human rights organizations, Adalah is calling on Israel to halt the indiscriminate, disproportionate, & deadly use of force against civilians & their homes, and to end the complete closure of #Gaza’s crossings to allow movement of people & humanitarian aid.

Palestinian residents of SheikhJarrah & Adalah petitioned the #Israeli  Supreme Court demanding removal of checkpoints; police blocking entry of non-resident #Palestinians, while allowing access to organized, Jewish Israeli extremist groups.

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