Catch Last Week's Webinar On Israel's New Facebook Law, in Case You Missed it! - Galilee Foundation

Catch Last Week’s Webinar On Israel’s New Facebook Law, in Case You Missed it!

Adapted from original photo Samar Abo Elouf

Last week’s webinar on Social Media: Israel/Palestine’s New Battlefield went incredibly well. Both speakers were not only well informed but able to communicate their knowledge of their subject in a way that was brilliantly illuminating.

Attendees came away with a real understanding of how Israel’s Facebook Law is being applied in the digital sphere and how it is impacting the day to day lives of activists and scholars alike in Israel/Palestine. The opportunity to get the word out about the current system in Palestine, is hindered hugely by the digital censorship and much work needs to be done to ensure Palestinian voices are heard despite the current online restrictions.

Thank you to our wonderful panelists, Nadim Nashif and Mona Shtaya and to all our attendees for their brilliant questions at the end.

Watch this space for info on more webinars and events in the coming months.

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