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Cycling for education


Galilee Foundation Trustee, David Freeman (DF), will be cycling 100 miles on 2 August to help raise the profile of the Foundation. We spoke to David to ask him more about his motivation for doing the gruelling ride for the Galilee Foundation:

What is the Prudential RideLondon 100-mile cycle ride?

DF: There has been a huge increase in enthusiasm for cycling in the UK since the 2012 Olympics in London. The Prudential RideLondon follows the route the Olympic cyclists took through London, down into the Surrey countryside (and worryingly the Surrey Hills) and then back to London, ending in the Mall, outside Buckingham Palace. This year 35,000 people will be cycling the 100 miles, and the roads throughout London and Surrey will be closed for the event.

Why are you cycling for The Galilee Foundation.

DF: I thought that it would be good to help to raise the profile of the Galilee Foundation. I have been on the Board since we started the charity and my help so far has tended to be on the legal side so it would be good to something different!

Also, it’s really important that the people that we help with scholarships know how keen we and our supporters are to raise the profile of the work the charity does – we are so lucky in the UK and the effort of cycling 100 miles is nothing compared to the hurdles that the majority of our scholarship students face in getting to university.

How long have you been training ?

DF: I started about six months, although the last couple of weeks have been more intense. I am travelling to Scotland to train on the Isle of Arran for the 10 days before the ride. It’s very hilly there and cycling the 54 miles round the island should be good training. It’s also a great excuse to eat a lot of pasta as the experts say that we have to ‘carb up’ before the race.

The Galilee Foundation is grateful to David for his efforts. If you would like to support his cycle ride, please donate online here or contact the Foundation.

If you want to organise an event to fundraise or raise the profile of the Galilee Foundation, we’d love to hear from you and will help in whatever ways we can! Email

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