Dianne Woodward

Media & Outreach Consultant

Dianne has enjoyed a varied career that began in scientific research in food crop diseases and finished in teaching in further and higher education. A Degree in Biological Sciences and a Ph.D in Plant Pathology from the University of East Anglia followed later by Open University courses in Maths and Computing led Dianne to teach on a number of A level subjects, other Level 3 programmes and Degree courses, in a variety of roles, including programme leader.

Alongside being an examiner and team leader with several major exam boards, Dianne has written and mentored fully interactive computer based distance learning courses in GCSE and A Level subjects for elite sports students, and chronically ill scholars unable to attend school. As a keen advocate of ICT in the classroom she has coached colleagues in its use as a tool to enliven teaching and enhance learning.

Always an advocate of the Palestinian cause and wishing to progress from supporting equality, diversity and widening participation in British education to seeking to help promote it within the Palestinian context, Dianne has found her way to the Galilee Foundation and aims to make herself useful there in a practical capacity.