Dubai Reception March 2012 - Galilee Foundation

Dubai Reception March 2012

On Wednesday 28th March 2012, Rami and Hala Malhas kindly hosted a reception at their beautiful Emirates Hills house to introduce the Galilee Foundation to the Dubai community. The hundred or so attendees included many prominent Palestinians based in Dubai, as well as those from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Iran, France and Poland.

Marwan Bishara, Chairman of the Galilee Foundation, was the guest speaker and discussed the topic of young Palestinian citizens of Israel, the importance of their education, and the difference that sponsoring students can make to their lives, those of their families, and the positive impact they then have on their community.

The keen audience asked questions regarding the Scholarship Programme, and especially the community service and extra-curricular workshops that Galilee Foundation Scholarship recipients partake in. Some of these workshops are general and relate to Arab culture and language, and some are targeted specifically on the Galilee Foundation Scholars chosen subject matter. For example, the architecture students will attend workshops on ‘Architecture and National Identity’ and the medicine students are attending a workshop about plant use in Arab medicinal practices. The types of organizations that the scholarship recipients volunteer with vary also, depending on their interests and course of study. This year they have included media organizations, newspapers, research centres, women’s associations, legal centres, theatres and healthcare providers.

As a result of this successful party, and thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, the Galilee Foundation managed to raise in excess of £43,000 towards the Scholarship Programme.

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