Educational Initiatives

Part of our vision is to promote the development of Palestinians through educational initiatives. The projects we support aim to give youth the skills and support they need to thrive.

Yaffa Almustaqbal Initiative
(The Future of Yaffa)

We partnered with the Yaffa Youth Movement Association to support the Yaffa Almustaqbal initiative. The project aims to increase young peoples chances of going to university by giving them academic support while at school. The project trains Palestinians for the Psychometric exam, one of two factors determining admission to universities.

Psychometric training

The exam causes stress and anxiety among many of Palestinian high-school students because they study at Arabic-speaking Primary and Secondary schools and usually do not perform well in this exam. Through its support, the project aims to reduce school drop-out rates which is currently at a low of 20%.

Support and vocational skills

The goal is to provide students with academic, leadership and life skills training to help them successfully complete their secondary education and become more active and involved members of their communities.

PhD Programme

We’ve partnered with Mada Al-Carmel by supporting many of its initiatives, including, the PhD Programme. Mada is the largest and most established independent Palestinian academic organisation operating inside Israel. The Palestinian community in Israel has often been dependent on information and analyses provided by Israeli research institutions so this Programme aims to provide information and analyses conducted independently by Palestinians for Palestinians.

Seminars and workshops

The project does this by organising seminars and workshops where students make presentations and solicit feedback about their own research from their peers. The goal is to provide students with academic, leadership and life skills training to help them successfully complete their secondary education and become active members of their communities.

Annual academic conference

The project also organises an annual conference which is the first of its kind offered to Palestinian PhD students. The conference is a rare and unique opportunity for Palestinian scholars to gather and share their research and ideas in a dynamic academic discussion with other students and established scholars.

Work-readiness, Employability and
Entrepreneurship Skills Training
and Development Project

We’ve partnered with Challenge To Change, who were born out of a strong and genuine desire to enhance the lives of Arab women, especially those affected by conflict in the Middle East. Their vision is to create a community of Arab women who are resilient and successful. The project aims to improve these skills, encourage entrepreneurship and promote income generation for young Palestinian women.

Skills and entrepreneurship

The project aims to raise awareness about the skills and mindset of entrepreneurs, and guides participants on how to shape their start-up idea, create a compelling value proposition, establish the right business model, create a business plan, and build and practice an impactful pitch.

Social participation

By connecting, inspiring and empowering women in these ways, their lives and those of their families, communities and future generations are enhanced by the ripple effects of education, social participation and wealth generation

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