Graduating class of 2020 - Galilee Foundation

Graduating class of 2020

Graduation for our students is usually a grand affair. Our partners, the Arab Culture Association (ACA) hire a hall, and all our graduating students gather and graduate together. This year, the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic meant other arrangements had to be made. Safety was paramount! The ACA used their offices and a total of 80 graduating students, in three groups, enjoyed an outdoor event, one group per day for three days.

The format of each event included beginning with the singing of the Palestinian national anthem, followed by  congratulatory video messages from our team in London. We wanted to show them how proud we were of their achievements and stressed the importance of keeping in touch. Our coordinators then led a discussion of the importance of progress and the students responded with their own experiences.

Towards the end of the event the students received the final instalments of their scholarships and their certificates and left messages in a book, in which they expressed their gratitude for the help and support of the ACA and the Galilee foundation.

As we share a selection of photos and videos to give a flavour of the occasion, we can all wish each one of them well as they walk into their futures, empowered to make  positive differences in their families and their communities.

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