Interview with Martha Harper who ran 80km in January in a Run For Charity challenge and smashed her fundraising target - Galilee Foundation

Interview with Martha Harper who ran 80km in January in a Run For Charity challenge and smashed her fundraising target

We sat down to have a socially distanced chat with our fundraising superstar, Martha Harper. Martha raised a fantastic £850 last month for The Galilee Foundation, money which will be of huge benefit to us in our mission to provide ongoing scholarships to under-privileged young people in Palestine. Martha is helping us to fund the Palestinian doctors, engineers and change makers of tomorrow.

Galilee Foundation: What was your experience like, fundraising for Galilee?

Martha: Really great! I initially researched a lot of charities to find the right one, and after narrowing down my search I felt Galilee aligned with the principals I was looking for in a charity. Maha got in touch with me and we communicated over WhatsApp and email, I felt really well supported throughout and really encouraged!

Galilee Foundation: Had you done much running in the past?

Martha: So before lockdown 1.0 in March I had never run outside before! I had done fitness classes like Barry’s Bootcamp but when all the gyms closed I needed to find a new exercise routine, especially stuck in a flat in London! I started using the Couch to 5k app, which was brilliant, and by May 2020 I had built up my running to run 5k in one go. And it just went from there, I love it and try and get out as much as I can for a run, it really clears my head and is really the only time I have properly away from a screen.

Galilee Foundation: What sort of challenges did you face running in lockdown?

Martha: There were days when I absolutely did NOT want to go outside, let alone run, but then my conscience told me I would have to get the kilometres up somehow, so it was actually really good incentive to exercise, and I never once regretted a run afterwards. It always makes you feel better!

Galilee Foundation: Where are you based and where did you do most of your running?

Martha: I just moved to Camberwell in South East London at the beginning of February, and before that I was living in Highbury in North London so I did all of my running there.

Galilee Foundation: Did you get the support you needed from everyone at the charity?

Martha: Yes! Everyone was so helpful and I really felt the love, it was a pleasure working with everyone at Galilee.

Galilee Foundation: What advice would you give to any would-be fundraisers in a pandemic?

Martha: 100% just do it. You have nothing to lose, so if you are thinking about it just get out and do it and throw yourself into it, and time will fly by.

Galilee Foundation: Would you do It again?

Martha: Yes for sure! I want to do more fundraising in the future, I just need to think of some ideas. For now I am taking a break from running though!

Galilee Foundation: Lastly, of all the charities out there, why did you choose Galilee?

Martha: I really liked their mission, what they do and why they do it. In this current reality, if we don’t give young Palestinians better opportunities then we will never be able to work towards a better future. For me, a better future for Israel and Palestine is everyone on equal footing, and how can we do that when Palestinians are not treated as equals?? By giving young Palestinians the tools they need  for a better education and a brighter future, and to understand that violence is not the answer, I believe we can finally start to work towards peace.

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