Ramadan Appeal

“The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others.“ – Prophet Muhammad

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With Ramadan approaching, one way of paying your Zakat to benefit the greater good is by donating to our scholarship programme.

Scholarship Programme

Our Scholarship Programme is one of the largest independent programmes available to Palestinian students. Since 2007, we’ve helped over 1,100 students get an education! In 2019, we expanded the Programme to include more students in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.



Why we need your support

The global pandemic has left many students and their parents without an income, so families are unable to continue covering the costs of university. This Ramadan, we want to help prevent students dropping out or not even considering applying to university due to financial difficulties or debt.


Where your money goes

The Galilee Foundation will use 100% of all Zakat donations we receive to provide higher education scholarships to talented but impoverished and often indebted young Palestinians living and studying in Palestine/Israel.  We also support the beneficiaries with mentoring and with workshops designed to strengthen their academic development, their connection to their history and culture & build their capacities to bring about positive change to their own lives and to their communities.

Your support can bring hope to young Palestinians who would otherwise have to forgo a higher education and sacrifice their academic potential due to poverty or debt.

Donate this Ramadan

“I face a difficult economic situation, especially with the pandemic. It’s hard to work in Jerusalem and to combine studying with work is impossible. Eventually, I am considering quitting university so my fate depends on this scholarship.” – Morseen, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.