Royal Parks Half 2021 Here are the highlights. - Galilee Foundation

Royal Parks Half 2021 Here are the highlights.

Sunday October 10th was fine and sunny. Our runners, like Nina here, caught at the start gate, were on form, fit and enthusiastic from the get go.

The team in the marquee served coffee and baklava,

 or ran from the start to the cheer points and to the finish to take photos of the runners.

Team Galilee found itself with a canine mascot and a friendly dinosaur

Fans came to find us and pose for a photo or two and stayed.

Our runners finished within two hours and were still fit and enthusiastic, as well as jubilant.

Nina looking fresh as a daisy says she is running again next year. Hooray!
Kate runs every year because she loves the Galilee. The feeling is entirely mutual
Ameera’s feedback did not record, but her brother Tarek was enthusiastic in his support of Ameera and the Galilee
Charlene and Leo feel great after the run, which is just as well with a lively toddler in the family

And finally a huge thank you to all of you who donated so generously in support of our runners. So far we have raised over £35,000, enough to support 10 students for the next year; not just the fees but the workshops and the running costs.

That is an extraordinary achievement.

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