In 2019, the Galilee Foundation partnered with Al-Quds University (AQU) by financially supporting 10 high-achieving, but disadvantaged, Palestinian students from the West Bank.

The Galilee Foundation was proud to expand its Scholarship Programme to reach students in the West Bank and East Jerusalem due to the great demand and the ever-worsening economic situation. Al-Quds University, founded in 1984, is a Palestinian University, and the only university in the world to be situated by a separation wall. AQU provides higher education and community services within the Jerusalem area, as well as the neighbouring towns, villages, and refugee camps in the West Bank.

As part of the Scholarship Programme, our students are also required to participate in 120 hours of volunteer work. 80 hours are within the university, and include volunteering by teaching younger students at the university, workshops on data mobilisation, providing library services, supporting artistic, cultural and sports activities, as well as organising conferences related to the work of the university. The remaining 40 hours are for volunteer services outside the university community and include working in orphanages, assisting tourist delegations in Palestine, and organising national and social events such as Women’s Day.


Annual budget for 10 students per year: USD 110,000


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