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Team Galilee at the Royal Parks Half Marathon Needs You to Make A difference

Please donate here. Just click on the link No donation is too small. Every one helps make a difference

Maybe our seven runners will have a day of autumn sunshine and the rich colours of leaf fall on October 10th, or maybe they will be running in the wet and cold. Either way they are preparing to run to fundraise for the Galilee Foundation’s higher education scholarship program for talented but impoverished Palestinians inside Israel and East Jerusalem.

This is where you come in. Please consider a donation as an investment, not just to the individual students, welcome though that is, but also to their families and communities who will be lifted with them. One sure escape from poverty and marginalisation is through education, because it is through education that we can create the changemakers.

Our scholarship program is unique in that it does not just pay the tuition fees but also offers personal and academic support and a range of workshops and volunteering opportunities that give our students the skills they need to succeed, build capacity and foster collective responsibility as well as reconnect them with their history, culture and heritage.

Some of our runners are passionate enough about rebalancing the lottery of birth that they keep coming back to run year on year, like Kate and Charlene. It’s an arduous training regime needed to be prepared and fit for the day, to run 21 km. They see themselves as making a difference. By supporting them with a donation you can also make a difference.

So please help them fundraise. Help them smash their collective target. Please make a donation here. Just click on the link.

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