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The ASICS London 10K 2022- Emma’s Story

Hello, Emma here. About a year ago I decided I wanted to get fit and healthy before I turned 50. So, I took up running and swimming. I have spent the time slowly increasing my distance whilst also being very careful with my diet. I started by running and walking then progressed to a constant pace for 3k then 5k and now I can run 10k. It has taken a lot of grit and determination to get out there 3 times a week and run, but as the weight has dropped off (16 kgs so far), I feel more energised and so much healthier. Being healthy and fit has now become a lifestyle choice for me. I still eat crisps and throughly enjoy a glass of wine, but I know I am in a much better place mentally and physically than I was a year ago.

My friend who is actively involved with the Galilee Foundation asked me if I would participate in the London 10k ASICS event for the charity. I was delighted to help with raising awareness for this great cause and help to support youngsters who are in desperate need of a positive future.

I explained that due to the nature of my job I may not be in London on that day. In true style in keeping with my life, I flew to New York on the Saturday, the day before race day. So instead of running in London, I ran the 10K along the waterfront in Weehawken overlooking the New York skyline, before I flew back to Europe that night.

To everyone out there you can always participate even if it is from another part of the UK or in another part of the world and together we can all help support the Galilee Foundation!

Thank you, Emma! Your support is so valued and your participation greatly admired!

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