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Welcome to our New Students!

The Galilee Foundation would like to welcome all of new and continuing students for the 2016/17 academic year!

On Friday 2nd December, The Galilee Foundation hosted its annual welcoming ceremony to kick off the new academic year. This year we saw 250 young men and women, full of energy and enthusiasm to come and receive their scholarship awards. One of the Galilee’s fantastic trustees, Eyad Mahameed, a lawyer based in Haifa was also there to welcome in the new students.  For everyone involved, it was an incredibly heart-warming experience to see 250 young men and women, full of energy and enthusiasm coming to receive their scholarship awards.

The atmosphere in the room was full of excitement at the prospect of starting a new phase of life, and for being able to receive the financial aid that they so badly need. Some were accompanied by parents, but the sense of gratitude at having this award was felt by young and old alike. Watching these young people only served to inspire the Galilee Foundation team to work harder and continue our efforts to increase our capacity to give scholarship awards year on year!

As inspirational speeches were given from students who are attending some of the top universities in Israel, one could really appreciate their intelligence and their intense desire to have a better future through their education.

The Galilee Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, who should feel truly proud that they are contributing to making a huge difference in so many young people’s lives.






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