Welcome to our 2015/16 students! - Galilee Foundation

Welcome to our 2015/16 students!

On 14 November, the Galilee Foundation’s 250 scholarship students attended its awards ceremony in Nazareth, organised by our local partner, the Arab Culture Association. Among them were 91 new scholarship recipients – welcome to the programme!

We are proud to support these 91 students, who were part of nearly 900 applicants and a long-list of 471 students – congratulations and we wish you a successful and fulfilling first year.

We are also proud to continue funding the scholarships of 159 on-going students in our programme, who are in their second year of their studies or above.

The Foundation’s scholarship programme is the most comprehensive programme available for Palestinian students living in Israel. In addition to the scholarship, the programme offers students training in areas including leadership skills, critical thinking and literary workshops. Our students also make a commitment to give back to the community through volunteering activities organised by the programme. These are invaluable experiences for our students and the thousands of people they directly benefit – 6,175 children and adults in the 2014-15 academic year, to be exact. Volunteering activities include a mentoring scheme, whereby our second and third scholarship programme students are paired with one of our first year students to help those students adapt to the new demands and environment at university.


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