Zakat Donations to the Galilee Foundation

Many people choose to give the Galilee Foundation a Zakat donation to help fund scholarships for talented but impoverished young Palestinians studying in Palestine/Israel.

Why Galilee?

By paying your Zakat, you will be joining our efforts to keep poor or indebted students in university and in our scholarship programme. This not only covers tuition and fees but also supports the students with mentoring and with workshops designed to strengthen their academic development, their connection to their history and culture & build their capacities to bring about positive change to their own lives and to their communities.

In this way we aim to break the cycle of poverty and marginalisation.


  • Click the donate button.
  • Fill in our quick and easy form.
  • Support Palestinian youth who need an education.

I am a daughter of a family of seven people. My father works as a cleaner for a company in Al-Mashad. He earns less than 2500 shekels (£546.00) per month and has a disability of up to 60%. My three brothers are under the age of 18. My mother is unemployed. We are a family who lives in Rummaneh, a small village in the north, of low socio- economic status. I hope to participate in your program, hoping that I will repay the debt one day.

-Noor Technion Electrical Engineering Student.

“This isn’t just a university scholarship. The Galilee is contributing to our society. We’re going to be the next generation of leaders, economists, teachers, doctors, you name it! We need to continue to work with the younger generations like this for years to come.

Shaden, Galilee Foundation alumnus and Architecture graduate


We can only do this thanks to the financial support we receive from supporters like you. Donate your Zakat now to ensure that the many students we support can continue their studies and become changemakers in their communities.


If you would like to discuss your donation further, please contact us on 020 7993 8355 or

How will the Galilee Foundation use Zakat for the benefit of those most in need?

The Galilee Foundation will use 100% of all Zakat donations for our scholarship programme. All our beneficiaries are chosen from sifting through the thousands of applications we receive each year and selecting a shortlist of the most talented and needy whom we invite to interview. From this we select those who will go on to receive a scholarship.