Cultural Initiatives

We partner with cultural initiatives that connect Palestinian youth with their forgotten history. The projects give youth the guidance needed to make sense of the difficult environment they all live in.

Youth Leadership Program

We partnered with the Haifa-based Baladna Youth Association to support the Youth Leadership Programme. The programme aims to empower Palestinian youth through non-formal education. Baladna was established in 2001 to enable, empower, and educate Palestinian youth within the Green Line. Baladna provides leadership training and cultural education to help strengthen the understanding of democracy, gender equality, anti-violence and human rights.

Student-led leadership groups

The programme trains university students how to think critically and how to develop leadership skills. The graduates of its summer training programme work throughout the year to form and lead youth groups who go on to identify and address prominent problems in their communities.

Connecting youth with their history

The project hopes to provide youth with the opportunity to understand their history and to gain some degree of control over their education, in order to understand and strive to change their complex and oppressive reality. Through this project, Baladna wishes to address not only the political, but also the social issues, including issues around patriarchal and oppressive social structures within the Palestinian community.

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