Promoting education, cultural and livelihood initiatives for Palestinians in Israel/Palestine

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What We Do

Educational Projects

The Galilee Foundation was established to promote development and equality through the advancement of education and the preservation of culture for the Palestinian indigenous minority in Israel and in 2019, to Palestinian youth in the West Bank.  Throughout the years, the Foundation has also supported several educational, cultural and research projects while the Scholarship Programme remains its core project.

You can find out more about the Scholarship Programme and the other educational projects we currently support by clicking here “Educational Projects“.


Past Cultural and Educational Projects

Over the years, the Foundation has also supported other educational and cultural projects that focus on providing opportunities for Palestinian children, youth and young adults. This includes the Music Academy project for disadvantaged children, training for Palestinian PhD students, and many more!

To find out more about the projects we have supported in the past, as well as to learn more about our partners, please following the link here to “Past Projects.


Window to the Galilee

We also have our “Window to the Galilee” Programme which aims to bring people together to learn more about what the Galilee Foundation does. The Programme also seeks to introduce audiences in the UK to culture and arts of Palestinians in Israel.

Please follow the link here to find out when our next event is and to get more information about the “Window to the Galilee“.



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