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Current Projects

Scholarship Programme

An ongoing project since 2007, the Scholarship Programme is the Foundation’s core project, which provides scholarships and training to Palestinian university students inside Israel. Since its inauguration, the Programme has supported more than 1,100 young people in attending universities across Israel and abroad.

A new cohort of Galilee students attend the Scholarship Programme launching ceremony

In addition to the training programme provided to our students throughout the academic year, the Galilee Foundation also requires all students to undertake voluntary placements with civil society organisations and within their local communities. Students also participate in activities and events which promote Palestinian culture and heritage.

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The Arab Culture Association – Our Project Partner

The Arab Culture Association (ACA) acts as our partner on the ground. The ACA is remunerated to administer the Galilee Foundation Scholarship Programme. They advertise the programme locally, collect applications, convene the selection committee, and coordinate all extra-curricular activities on behalf of the Galilee Foundation.

Established in 1998, the ACA is an independent, non-profit organisation registered in Israel. The ACA aims to assist in maintaining the culture of the Palestinian minority in Israel, as well as offer students opportunities to develop socially and economically.


Projects the Galilee Foundation Supports 

Baladna – Youth Leadership Programme

The Galilee Foundation works to support the most disadvantaged communities by giving educational opportunities to youth. In 2018, we partnered up again with Baladna – Association for Arab Youth to support their Youth Leadership Programme. The Programme aims to bring educational activities to empower and mobilise Arab youth living in Israel.

A group of youth leaders form in a circle to discuss the mutual problems they face in their communities.


Yaffa Youth Movement – Yaffa Al Mustaqbal Programme

Our Yaffa Al Mustaqbal Programme, in partnership with the Yaffa Youth Movement, empowers youth in Yaffa and increases their chances of obtaining higher education by providing academic support while at high school. This support also includes forms of leadership and life skills training, all of which prepare them for life after school.

The Project also provide students with training for the Psychometry Exam – one of the two factors determining admission chances to universities. The exam is in Hebrew which causes stress and anxieties among many of the of the Palestinian high-school students, who usually do not perform well exam because they go to Arabic speaking primary and secondary schools. The project works with 50-60 students from secondary schools for the duration of three years.

Students from our Yaffa Al Mustaqbal programme give balloons, chocolates and greeting cards to the children of Yaffa during Eid.


Mada al-Carmel – the Arab Centre for Applied Social Research

The Foundation renewed its support to Mada al-Carmel’s Israeli Studies Programme, which aims to examine the Israeli state and society for a more diverse constituency. The Programme will provide its constituency with informative academic papers, books and online publications on Programme’s areas of research.


Mada al-Carmel generates and provides information, critical analysis and diverse perspectives on the social and political life and history of Palestinians, with particular attention to Palestinians within Israel. Mada also advances critical research on Israeli society and politics in order to further understanding of its undercurrents, particularly in relation to policies towards Palestinians and Palestine.








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