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Graduation 2023!

Last month in Haifa we held a graduation ceremony for this years cohort of Galilee Foundation scholarship students.

On a sweltering hot evening in the Northern city of Haifa, the Arab Culture Centre, with help from a Galilee rep, held the annual graduation ceremony for our students, in the courtyard outside the ACA headquarters.

The event was well attended with around 40 plus students taking their seats on the stone steps to watch a rousing rendition of various Palestinian folk songs including the national anthem, from a former scholarship student turned full time musician.

The spirited sing-song was followed by a presentation, where the students were gifted a plant each. The plants which are indigenous to Palestine, were intended to be nurtured and grown by the students, the perfect metaphor for what they are expected to do now with their Palestinian identities, that they have become much more acquainted with through the scholarship programme.

The night ended with a bbq and soft drinks and plenty of live streaming, selfies and laughter.

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