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Onwards and upwards!

This June, The Galilee Foundation celebrated the graduation of 78 of its students from the Scholarship Programme and from their course of studies. Most of these students we supported for three years, and 17 of them we supported for four years. Their journey with the Galilee Foundation was one of learning, giving and growth, during which they received support and training, and gave back to their community through our volunteer activities. Our students graduate from the programme to start their careers with more confidence, skills, knowledge and a strong sense of commitment to their communities.

Graduate Lama Shihadeh
Graduate Lama Shihadeh

Some of the students took to the stage and spoke about the experience and their gratitude to the Programme and its team. Ms Lama Shihadeh, an architecture graduate, said: “I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Foundation for planting the hope within us each day for a better future. We are at the end of our journey with the Programme but are full of optimism for the future and will remember each and every one here who helped to shape it.”

This October, we will be welcoming dozens of new scholarship recipients who will be joining the programme for three years or more.













































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